How to Clean Paintbrushes with Miss Mustard Seed's Brush Soap

How to Clean Paintbrushes with Miss Mustard Seed's Brush Soap

Published by Miss Mustard Seed on Feb 12th 2021

Regularly cleaning and conditioning your paintbrushes is crucial for extending their longevity. Our Brush Soap not only cleanses away Milk Paint, but it conditions and hydrates bristles to prevent splitting and shedding. With sustainable oils and fats that are natural and eco-friendly, you’ll have squeaky clean paintbrushes in no time!

Why Do I Need To Clean My Paintbrushes?

Consider this...

What would your hair look like if you neglected to wash it for a week? How about a month? A year? Not a pretty sight, huh?

Your paintbrushes can suffer the same fate if they’re not cleaned and conditioned too! This regular care routine will ensure your brushes are providing you with the best results possible and extend their longevity.

How Is Miss Mustard Seed’s Brush Soap Different From Regular Soap?

Our Brush Soap does not contain any synthetics or detergent chemicals. It's free of phosphates, ABS, LAS, fluorescents and artificial fragrances. Every bar of our Brush Soap is made with natural, eco-friendly, certified sustainable, and responsibly produced oils and fats.

It gently cleanses and conditions all in one step!

Brush Soap can be used to clean natural bristled or synthetic bristled paintbrushes. Because of its natural and gentle ingredients, it can also be used to clean makeup brushes or even fine art brushes!

How Do I Use Miss Mustard Seed’s Brush Soap?

First, make sure you are using our Brush Soap to clean water-based products. (Oil-based products require different cleanup than soap and water.)

Rinse your paintbrush in lukewarm water to wash away dripping paint.

After a minute or two of rinsing, swirl your brush across the bar of soap. Ours is more of a “disc”, making it easy to hold in your hand as you clean.

For stubborn jobs, you can use any brand of dish detergent, especially if your brush has been left out overnight and the paint has become crusty.

Continue to wash and rinse the brush until all of the paint is gone and the water runs clean. It may take a few rounds of scrubbing and swishing.

What's nice about our Brush Soap is that it acts as a soap and a conditioner all in one. It cleanses and hydrates every bristle of your brush to ensure its longevity and to prevent splitting and fraying.

Preserving The Shape Of Your Paintbrushes

Over time, paintbrush bristles can start to splay out like a tulip.


To help preserve the shape of your brush, we suggest this method of drying it.

Once your brush is clean, lay it down on a paper towel, shop towel or a brown piece of paper. Then, wrap your brush up like a burrito, taking care not to pinch any of the bristles or bend them. (Remember, we’re trying to preserve and keep the shape of your brush!

You can tie it closed with a piece of string, rubber band, hair tie, etc. or, you can lay it flat. This wrapping step will "train" the bristles to keep their proper shape and allow the brush to dry without spreading out in different directions. It essentially prevents a bristle "poof"!

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Don't paint furniture? That’s okay! Our Brush Soap is gentle enough be used on makeup brushes, ensuring a clean and fresh makeup application every time!