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Gifts & Kits

From paint to fabrics and accessories, everything in the Annie Sloan range has been designed to work together beautifully. These sets would make the perfect gift for any paint lover, from amateur to expert. 

  • Mini Project Pack

    Mini Project Pack

    It's easy to brighten up an old bedside table or make your favourite chair feel more 'you'. Just a little bit of paint and a quick lick of wax goes a long way. Inside our Mini Project Pack, you'll find everything you need to create your own Annie Sloan...

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  • The Chalk Paint® Colour Card

    The Chalk Paint® Colour Card

    The Chalk Paint® Colour Card features Annie Sloan's carefully curated palette of 42 shades, along with the inspiration and story behind each colour. Artists and designers use a colour wheel to select their palette and decide on accent colours that...

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