Top Tips with Annie Sloan

Tin Opening

Annie Sloan’s Wax, Lacquer and Paint tins are all manufactured to an industry standard, in line with competitors. Chalk Paint™ tins are sealed extra tight. This ensures they remain air-tight and free from contamination. To open tins, we recommend using a tin opener from a local hardware store. Of course, Annie recommends visiting your local independent where possible! If you cannot get hold of a tin opener, you can use a blunt tool such as a spoon. Please do not use a sharp object such as a knife or screwdriver, these can cause serious injury if used incorrectly.

Opening the tin:

• Ease the tin opener between the top of the lid and the edge of the tin.

• Apply slight pressure and lift upwards.

• Turn the tin a few degrees and repeat the motion. You will feel the air tight seal break and hear a “pop” noise.

• Continue turning the tin until you have covered the whole circumference of the lid before attempting to prise the lid completely off.

• Be as gentle and light handed as possible.

• Following these steps will prevent the lid buckling or damaging the tin. Closing the tin

• To secure the lid after use, set in place on the top of the tin.

• Place both palms on the lid and apply pressure down until you here a “pop”.

The Wax, Lacquer, and Chalk Paint™ tins are all the same, so you can use this method with every Annie Sloan tin. All metals are susceptible to some bending and denting if not handled gently.

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