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Wall Paint (Water Based)

Annie Sloan is delighted to introduce a long-requested, hotly anticipated Wall Paint collection to revolutionize customers’ walls in the same way Chalk Paint has been revolutionizing furniture since the 1990s.  

You're probably thinking - "hang on, Annie Sloan already has a Wall Paint range?". The answer is yes, yes we do. However, it's taken years of research, experimentation and testing to ensure every single shade represents the high quality, excellent coverage, and reliability which customers have come to expect from the brand, and to make sure we've chosen the right colors for the palette. Now, our testing, research and experimentation is complete and we believe we've developed the perfect Wall Paint range. 

The range is comprised of 32 colors, some of which you’ll recognize from the Chalk Paint palette and all of which you’ll have seen used in some of the most beautiful homes from around the world. Sixteen are brand new shades, formulated with the intention of providing a palette from which an entire home scheme can be built - with walls that have character and depth. There are brand new neutral options such as Doric for rooms which require calm, inspired by architecture and artists’ materials. There are editorial shades to create statement walls, such as Schinkel Green (which is inspired by neoclassical brights). And, of course, there are best-selling Chalk Paint colors in fan favorite shades such as Old White, Graphite and Olive.
The formulation differs from Chalk Paint in that it offers one-step durability and wipeability without the need to apply Wax or Lacquer; but retains the intensity of pigment, the soft matte finish, and the market-leading quality Annie’s customers have come to trust, love and expect. It’s so good she put her name on it (again!).

We are extremely proud to say that the paint that we are launching in North America will be made in the U.S; supporting our local industry and economy. This is a huge strategic development and we hope that you and are as thrilled as we are. 

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